Michael Yang. Australia's only copywriter.

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Artist's depiction.

Artist's depiction.

Michael Yang is my name. We have a surplus of Michaels, so most people just call me Yang.

When I discovered that the world of standardised testing wasn't doing it for me, I finished my degree anyway and went on to apply for AWARD School. The little stickers on my application told me I was almost denied. That made sense. I was a carpet store stock boy who had never even seen an agency. I worked hard at it though, and I ended up in third place. I believe the most exhilarating sentence in the English language is "I can't believe that worked".

Sometimes I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects and abstract concepts. I'm not crazy. You do it too.

My goals are pretty simple. I want to do good work. Work to be proud of, work that makes clients rich and famous, work that doesn't cheapen a random stranger's day. Two out of three ain't bad, but it ain't enough either.

Those are my contact details at the bottom of the page. Feel free to hit me up via phone, e-mail or by shouting really, really loudly.

Or if the urge to peruse my CV and LinkedIn strikes your fancy, well, it's a free country.



PH: 0411098039