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Cadbury + Vegemite



When Cadbury was set to release the most outrageous Dairy Milk flavour yet, we were tasked with launching the product entirely on social media. We decided that an outrageous flavour deserved an outrageous conversation, so we set out to find Australia's weirdest imaginable flavours. Cadbury fans didn't disappoint, coming up with everything from wasabi, to beef, to... flavours of questionable legality. What's more, with our easily adaptable flavour memes, fans made their own ads for completely outrageous flavours, which immediately blanketed social media feeds across Australia.





So far, #ChocPlusWhat has seen: 

  • Winner, Facebook APAC Awards
  • Finalist, Tambuli Awards (Brand Activation)
  • Finalist, Shorty Awards (Food & Beverage)
  • Shortlist, MuMbrella Awards (Social Idea of the Year)
  • Shortlist, IAB Mixx Awards (Social - Community Building)
  • Shortlist, IAB Mixx Awards (Product Launch)
  • Finalist, AMI Awards (Creativity in Brand Product or Service)
  • Finalist, AMI Awards (Social & Digital Marketing)